This is a project I worked on while at Mobifusion. Mobifusion is a Sunnyvale, CA start-up company that focuses on building mobile apps.

After the release of iOS 7, I went ahead and updated the design to fit the modern style: flat and simple. Since then, I've designed and implemented additional features that help enhance the overall user experience.



Up And At 'Em Recipe Feature screen example

Particularly for this app the recommended recipes was designed to be in card format. The reason for this was to bring a sense of reality into the app.

The idea is to give it a feeling that the user is browsing through a stack of recipe cards that they just picked up from their personal box of recipes. Browsing through them they could instantly decide—"No...No...I don't feel like it today...Yes, Caramel-Pecan Sticky Buns for breakfast it is"—what recipe they are in the mood for.

This app is a freemium app. Each day the user gets a total of around 25-35 free cards. The cards will come in as a group of 5 based on the time of day.

For example, if it is morning, close to sunrise, the user will recieve 5 free cards with breakfast recommendations. If however it is past lunch but before dinner the user will get a group of 5 free cards with snack recommendations.



Up And At 'Em Journal and Favorites Features screen example

The user will be able to save, favorite, recipes for future occasions.

The user will also have access to a personal journal within the app. On that journal they will be able to keep track of the recipes they've prepared and if for some reason they modified a recipe they will immediately know from their journal. They will also be able to take and/or upload pictures of the recipes they've prepared. Lastly the users will be able to share their journal with friends and family via social media, email, or text message.



Up And At 'Em Shopping List Feature screen example

Because I wanted the app to be convenient for the user, I designed a shopping list method to be included. To keep the app small it was decided that the best way to execute the shopping list feature would be to export the list to the users native note taking app.


Up And At 'Em Landing screen example
Up And At 'Em Content screen example
Up And At 'Em Content Ingredients screen example
Up And At 'Em Content Ingredients scroll screen example
Up And At 'Em Content Steps screen example
Up And At 'Em Content Add Image screen example
Up And At 'Em Camera screen example
Up And At 'Em Image Added screen example
Up And At 'Em Content Nutritional screen example
Up And At 'Em Home Menu screen example
Up And At 'Em Home Search screen example
Up And At 'Em Journal screen example
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