Jomari Goyso is a popular Univision TV personnel. Jomari is also a beauty expert, celebrity hair stylist, and make-up artist.

This project proposal is a redesign of Jomari's current website. I designed it to be modern and very simple. I also produced an elgant and memorable brand identity to conform to the new website.


Jomari Goyso Landing screen example

To begin getting his fans to learn about his new brand identity and to get them to associate it with his personality, I decided for the first version of the redesign to basically have the brand identity to be large and placed next to a photo of Jomari Goyso.


Jomari Goyso About screen example

The design for the About section is simple. One photo of Jomari Goyso along with the first lines of his long auto-biography. If the visitor is interested in learning more about Jomari Goyso, they can simply click/tap on the yellow button where they will be taken to the About page.


Jomari Goyso Gallery screen example

Tapping on the yellow button will take the visitor to the Gallery page where they will be able to see an "unlimited" selection of Jomari's favorite photos.

Having only one large high-quality photo to represent the entire Gallery page would be sufficient to entice the visitor to open the Gallery. This was determined based on personal experience and getting to know Jomari Goyso's persona and audience.


Jomari Goyso Contact and Footer screen example

The Addictions section is a section where Jomari Goyso shares the products that he enjoys using.

The purpose of the Addictions section is to implement a subtle form of "advertisement" on to his website.

On a mobile deivce the user will be able to swipe left and right to browse through a selection of products. Tapping the yellow button will take the visitor the the Addictions page where they will be able to see an entire catalog of products recommended by Jomari. From that catalog Jomari's fans will be able to vote, comment, or even purchase the products.

To be able to make the actions mentioned above—vote, comment, or purhcase—all the visitor has to do is click/tap on the image of the product.


Jomari Goyso Contact and Footer screen example

Jomari Goyso has a large and enjoyable personality and is very active on social media. That is why the Social Media Connection was designed to be large. I wanted the visitors, who are not already doing so, to be able to instantly connect with their favorite TV personnel...Jomari Goyso.

The footer was layed out to stay simple and very common.


Jomari Goyso full view examples