Welcome, my name is Jose Regalado. Design is my passion and top quality is my highest priority.

Raul Alcantar is a professional photographer who has shot and filmed an enormous amount of distinctive events.

My responsibility for this project was to design and code—HTML5 and CSS3—a responsive photography website template. I also took the liberty of revamping the original JPEG logo by making it bolder, fancier, and in vector format.

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Jomari Goyso is a popular Univision TV personnel. Jomari is also a beauty expert, celebrity hair stylist, and make-up artist.

This project proposal is a redesign of Jomari's current website. I designed it to be modern and very simple. I also produced an elgant and memorable brand identity to conform to the new website.

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This is a project I worked on at Mobifusion. Mobifusion is a start-up company located in Sunnyvale, California that focuses on building comprehensive apps.

After the release of iOS 7, I went ahead and updated the design to fit the modern style: flat and simple. Since then, I've designed and implemented additional features that would enhance the overall user experience.

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